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Baguazhang video

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Baguazhang basics and applications

Hans Menck demonstrates some baguazhang (chinese martial art) footwork and basic palm applications in Sweden Nov 2014. www.freedommartialart.com.

Bagua Zhang 16 palm changes - Hans Menck

Hans Menck teaches martial arts in South Africa (Cape Town and Stellenbosch). He demonstrates two sets if Cheng style bagua palm changes from the Liu ...

An Wushu - Family Style Baguazhang Performance

This form is called `You Shen´ and originated from the Cheng school Gao style Baguazhang (高氏八卦掌), but has been modified by An shifu's grandfather.

Baguazhang Applications Workshop An Jian Qiu

Some techniques from the Baguazhang applications Workshop with An Jian Qiu 2015 in Cologne.

Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang

Former Beijing Wushu Team member and world champion, Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang at the Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine 10 ...

Pivots in Baguazhang Techniques

Clips from a class in Sweden on Baguazhang 'pivot points'. www.lotusneigong.org.

Daniel Mitel filming Master Zhang doing Baguazhang in Zhuhai, China

Teaching in China, I have met Baguazhang Style (\

Combat Bagua Zhang - THROWS! Real Pakua Chang Throws

Combat Ba Gua Zhang - Throws! Real Pakua Chang Throws. Known as Ba Gua, Bagua, Baguazhang, Ba Gua Zhang, Pa Kua, Pakua, Pa Kua Chang, and ...

Multiple Attacker Strategy - Intro to Clear's Bagua Lesson 1

Bagua specializes in dealing with multiple attackers. In this lesson, Sigung Richard Clear covers the fundamental strategy and principles necessary for surviving ...

Cheng Style BaguaZhang 8 turning palms(Eng sub)-Bát lão chưởng

The Eight Turning Palms set is also called the Eight Old Palms. Here is a very short and easily learned form based on the eight mother positions where you ...

Wudang Baguazhang 武当八卦掌

Wudang Jiang Rongqiao's Baguazhang performed by Zī Xiǎo 资晓 (Alex Mieza). Wudang 2017. www.wudangzixiao.com www.wudangspain.es.

Tai Chi (Bagua Zhang) Eight Trigram Palms

Demonstration of the 8 forms in Bagua Zhang by Sifu Patrick Lee from the International Fu Style Tai Chi Bagua Federation. Website: http://www.baguaplam.com/ ...

Gong Er practicing Bagua Zhang

Gong Er (played by Zhang Ziyi) learning the Chinese martial art of Bagua Zhang from her father. Clip from Wong Kar-wai's Ip Man movie \


Extracto de una película en la que se muestran las prácticas tradicionales de Baguazhang como arte marcial.

Zhang Junfeng, Gao Style Baguazhang

Ji Ben Shou Fa/Tian Gan Xian Tian Palm Changes Hou Tian Straight Line Like, Share, and Follow! Thanks! COPYRIGHT NOTICE Uploaded under \

Baguazhang (64 Palms in 24 Sequences) | Cheng Style - slow motion

Sun Zhijun (孫志君), born in 1933, is a well-known present-day teacher of Cheng style baguazhang, living in Beijing, China.

Cheng Style Baguazhang 程式八卦掌


BaGua Zhang - Crossed Methods - Shuttle Palm - Master Su Dong Chen

Here, Master Su Dong Chen demonstrates variations on material developed out of the \

武當八卦掌 (管永星) - Wudang Baguazhang (Guan Yongxing) (Technical)


Cheng Baguazhang

Cheng Baguazhang by Yang Fuqi & Yang Fuyu.

lu zijian baguazhang


Baguazhang online course trailer


Bagua Zhang - Slow Motion

Pratique de Bagua Zhang en \

IWUF - Liu Jingru Competitive Bagua Zhang Routine Performance & Explanation

IWUF - Liu Jingru Competitive Bagua Zhang Routine Performance & Explanation. This routine is an example routine that may be used, with techniques and ...

Application du Bagua Zhang par Maître Zhang Kunlin

Application du Bagua Zhang par Maître Zhang Kunlin à l'institut Ludongming à Paris.

Shaolin, Eight Immortals Sword, Baguazhang, 1995

Scott Park Phillips in 1995 doing, Northern Shaolin, Five Tiger Dao, Tai Chi, Eight Immortals Jian, and Baguazhang.

Jiang whipping dragon Baguazhang


Bagua Zhang by Luzijian

The famous Luzijian, showing his Ba Gua in 1986. Credits go to the channel of Sifu Tse ( alextse4 ) Thanks.

Ba Gua (Baguazhang, Bagua) Applications---internal kung fu (martial art) montreal

Cheng style Baguazhang applications from Hai Yang, Montreal, Canada. internalstyle.com from montreal, canada.


Some nice baguazhang performance I like to share. What Bagua family is she performing?


BaGuaZhang with Bai YuCai(白玉才)

Bagua Zhang - Example Techniques - Eight Great Palms (Ba Da Zhang)

Example techniques of Bagua Zhang. In line with the IWUF regulations, one may compile a routine, or perform an existing routine as long as it conforms to the ...

Cheng Style Baguazhang - 64 Palms [程氏八卦掌 - 六十四掌]

The essence of Cheng Style Baguazhang 64 Palms set performed by 78 year old Grandmaster Sun Zhijun The 64 Palms set was created by Cheng Youxin (the ...

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