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Sun Jianyun, Sun Style Baguazhang 孙氏八卦正掌变掌

Sun Jianyun, Sun Style Baguazhang 孙氏八卦正掌变掌

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Cheng Style BaguaZhang 8 turning palms(Eng sub)-Bát lão chưởng

The Eight Turning Palms set is also called the Eight Old Palms. Here is a very short and easily learned form based on the eight mother positions where you essentially walk a circle with holding...

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Daniel Mitel filming Master Zhang doing Baguazhang in Zhuhai, China

Teaching in China, I have met Baguazhang Style (\

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Baguazhang - He Jinbao Biomechanics Lecture

Yin Style Baguazhang Biomechanics and Cultural Heritage Lecture by He Jinbao, 2017. Courtesy of He Jinbao and the Beijing Cultural Development Research Institute. For more information on...

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Avatar - The Last Airbender [Creating The Legend - Air Bending]

Air bending - Bagua Zhang.

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Bagua Zhang - Example Techniques - Eight Great Palms (Ba Da Zhang)

Example techniques of Bagua Zhang. In line with the IWUF regulations, one may compile a routine, or perform an existing routine as long as it conforms to the time requirements of the event,...

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Baguazhang (YMAA Eight Trigrams Palm Kung Fu) Liang, Shou-Yu

DVD available: http://ymaa.com/publishing/dvd/kungfu_DVD/baguazhang_kungfu_DVD Grandmaster Liang began his training in Kung Fu at the age of 6, and was taught the esoteric skills of the Emei...

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BA GUA ZHANG - 8 Palms & Tutorial

BA GUA ZHANG - 8 Palms & Tutorial. This video show Ba gua zhang or pa kua chang 8 palms warm up, review of bagua section 1 and section 2, and full instruction for ba gua section 3. Bagua...

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BaGuaZhang with Bai YuCai(白玉才)

finds a user from South Africa on Dec 1, 2012
the dexterity and swiftnes, the softness and calm with no sign of emotion show the true view and feeling any practitioner should have
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Tian style Bagua Zhang

This is from Tian style Bagua with some differences such as the back heel off the ground, different animals like the horse, and unsual timiing. One of a number of lesser seen Bagua styles such...

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Ba Gua Zhang performed by Master Liu Deming

Durant 4 jours, du 14 au 17 mai 2015, Maître Liu Deming nous a fait l'honneur et le plaisir de partager sa connaissance immense du Ziran Qi Gong et de la culture taoïste lors d'un stage...

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Baguazhang Form & Application, \

The excerpts show Remove the Flowers Joined to the Trees and Application from the Video Series, Baguazhang, the Old Eight Palms Volumes I & II. Discover More at: chiflow.com or the store.chiflow.com.

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Baguazhang Exercises for Longevity Cultivation

Master Liang Keming demonstrates two Baguazhang exercises well suited for longevity cultivation: Twin Dragons Tame the Tiger (双龙伏虎) and Tanuki Catches Mice (狸猫捕鼠). Master...

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Bagua Zhang Practitioner with Motion Sensors Attached

Recently, Energy Arts Instructor Lee Burkins was allowed access to the Monfort Human Performance Lab at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado. He had motion sensors attached to his...

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Dragon Gate Sanctuary Wu Family Wudang Baguazhang Deerhorn (Crescent moon) Knives

Real deerhorn knife training dvd series only available through Laoxie dragongatesanctuary@gmail.com.

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Baguazhang Eight Post-Standing (Zhanzhuang)


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Ding Shi Baguazhang Qi Gong Flow

MY WEBSITE http://www.vineoflifealchemy.com MY EMAIL jordanthevine@gmail.com Exploring baguazhang as a movement practice is amazing, I try at least do some circle walking from time to time,...

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Ba Gua Zhang - Apertura alla Pratica - Lezione 1

Nella prima video lezione viene illustrata la pratica che poi viene analizzata e spiegata nel dettaglio. Il primo movimento è un esercizio di allungamento di tutto il corpo: stira bene muscoli...

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Ba Gua Zhang Demo

http://www.ImmortalKungFu.com Ba Gua Zhang - 8 Tri Gram Boxing Internal Martial Arts 8 Animals 8 Tri Grams 8 Basic Palms 8 Pole Movement 8 Roads of the Wooden Man Jiang Rong Qiao...

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Book Review: Combat Baguazhang Nine Dragon System Volumes 1 and 2


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part 1 and 2 linear baguazhang

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

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Baguazhang Teacup Exercise (八卦掌托盤練習)

This is a performance by Jinqiu Dong in 2016 after six months of training. He practiced traditional Wushu for many years before taking Baguazhang lessons in Fresno, CA. More information is...

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Baguazhang Teacups application 1

A basic application of the Serving Tea or Tea Cup drill and how it applies to entering/blending with an opponent and throwing/disrupting their structure. Andrew is once again helping out.

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Master Ge Chunyan戈春艷 performing Chen Taiji - Baguazhang

07 Dec 2015 Gala Dinner @ Chong Pang CC Hall K Shanmugam Cup 4th to 7th December 2015 4th International Wushu Competition, Singapore Master GeChunyan戈春艷 of Bafang Wushu Training Centre...

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A glimpse of Baguazhang training methods

If you'd like to see the next stage of Baguazhang practice, the Mother Palms, click here! http://baguazhang.purzuit.com/video/1PqyrpL7xqo.html Every martial art has its own special skills. Southern...

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