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Sun Jianyun, Sun Style Baguazhang 孙氏八卦正掌变掌

Sun Jianyun, Sun Style Baguazhang 孙氏八卦正掌变掌

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Daniel Mitel filming Master Zhang doing Baguazhang in Zhuhai, China

Teaching in China, I have met Baguazhang Style (\

Baguazhang (64 Palms in 24 Sequences) | Cheng Style - slow motion

Sun Zhijun (孫志君), born in 1933, is a well-known present-day teacher of Cheng style baguazhang, living in Beijing, China.

Cheng Style BaguaZhang 8 turning palms(Eng sub)-Bát lão chưởng

The Eight Turning Palms set is also called the Eight Old Palms. Here is a very short and easily learned form based on the eight mother positions where you ...

Multiple Attacker Strategy - Intro to Clear's Bagua Lesson 1

Bagua specializes in dealing with multiple attackers. In this lesson, Sigung Richard Clear covers the fundamental strategy and principles necessary for surviving ...

Ma Gui Baguazhang Applications 01

Teaching Ma Gui Baguazhang at Ching Wu on Saturdays here in Winnipeg. 130-230pm. Going over the combination of Liaozhang and 'Dragon Lifts Tail' as ...

Avatar - The Last Airbender [Creating The Legend - Air Bending]

Air bending - Bagua Zhang.

Wudang Bagua Zhang by Master Qing Feng Zi of Wudang Wudao Daoist Gongfu Academy

Master Qing learns martial arts when he was 5 years old. He is a disciple of the Grandmaster You Xuande and a 16th generation master of the Xuan Wu Pai.

Master Ge Chunyan戈春艷 performing Chen Taiji - Baguazhang

07 Dec 2015 Gala Dinner @ Chong Pang CC Hall K Shanmugam Cup 4th to 7th December 2015 4th International Wushu Competition, Singapore Master ...

Baguazhang Eight Post-Standing (Zhanzhuang)


Jiulong Baguazhang vs. Kicks

Dr. Yancy Orchard demonstrates a small variety of concepts used in Jiulong Baguazhang to neutralize kicking attacks. This demonstration was at the 2008 ...

Chi gong in Baguazhang

20/12/2013 Li Wei Dong teaching \


BaGuaZhang with Bai YuCai(白玉才)

Applicazioni Baguazhang - M° Delio Murru


Fukui Yang Baguazhang demo

This demonstration was performed at Eastover Estate and Eco-Village in Lenox, MA October 2017.

Bagua Zhang - Example Techniques - Eight Great Palms (Ba Da Zhang)

Example techniques of Bagua Zhang. In line with the IWUF regulations, one may compile a routine, or perform an existing routine as long as it conforms to the ...

Baguazhang Teacup Exercise (八卦掌托盤練習)

This is a performance by Jinqiu Dong in 2016 after six months of training. He practiced traditional Wushu for many years before taking Baguazhang lessons in ...

Bagua Zhang (Jimmy Grégeard)

Pratique du bagua Zhang par Jimmy Grégeard.

Bagua Zhang Practitioner with Motion Sensors Attached Demonstrates the Fire Palm

Recently, Energy Arts Instructor Lee Burkins was allowed access to the Monfort Human Performance Lab at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, ...

Baguazhang (YMAA Eight Trigrams Palm Kung Fu) Liang, Shou-Yu

DVD available: http://ymaa.com/publishing/dvd/kungfu_DVD/baguazhang_kungfu_DVD Grandmaster Liang began his training in Kung Fu at the age of 6, and ...

Wang Shujin Bagua Zhang: #9a \

Buy the new DVD at: http://www.plumpub.com/sales/dvd/dvdcoll_baguavarious.htm http://wangshuchin.blogspot.com Kent Howard introduces the basics of ...

Baguazhang training , like a Pyeongchang winter Olympics ~ ☺


Le Bagua zhang méthode TAO, démonstration

Notre Site : http://www.taoprod.fr/index.php ➘FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/thierry.alib... ➘INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/thierryalib ...

2016 USKSF Baguazhang form competition

Conal O'Keefe took 1st place.

Ba Gua Zhang for Beginners - The 4 Reasons to do Bagua!

Ba Gua Zhang Introduction for Beginners - The 4 Reasons to do Bagua! We also cover the most important aspect to gain from your Ba Gua or Pa Kua practice.

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